Animal Diaries

In this section you can share your animal stories with us.

The Pig’s Family

It was 5:30 in the morning. A chore had me up that early that day. So I was about done with the work at hand and was ready to go back to bed again. Just when I was heading back home I saw a family of three pigs in the early morning rain.  One of them was down on the ground, he was  injured ( I had heard a dog had torn his sides apart). The two others had gathered around him and were taking care of the ailing pig. Their familial love was the most beautiful thing to see that morning.

A week passed, I was on my computer typing away on a rainy Saturday afternoon. I heard the sound of a loading auto on our street. I stepped out and saw members of the pig hunting community ram live healthy pink pigs ( at least eight of them) into their auto. they had been tipped off by our neighbors who didn’t want any sick or dirty animals infesting the space surrounding their living quarters.

The injured pig died, the dogs fed on his remnants. The remaining members of his family took their last auto ride that day. The whole extended family was wiped out in a week. The rains brought them, the rain took them away, or was it the, insensitive humans?

I wish I could freeze that morning in time, then they’d be alive forever, always caring for each other. ~Rajata Shukla

It’s a Pup’s life

Anybody who lives in Bhopal knows this is quite a common occurring. Pups are born to die on the street. They seldom grow into adulthood. I’ve seen it several times myself. They are  run over by big, posh luxury cars, buses or autos. Sometimes they see instant death sometimes they lose a leg or two and limp till they starve to death or die of thirst, like his parents. When they die on spot their dead bodies stay on the road for days and are run over again and again. Their hearts bleed on the street. Our town has been painted red with their blood over the years. We have a lot of redeeming to do. We can start now by helping out…~Akshay Singh

Dogs by the dumpster who wouldn’t eat

I was walking to the market the other day on the way I saw a couple of dingy looking little dogs by the dumpster.I had some bread so I thought I’d give it to them. To my surprise when I went close to them scared they ran away from me. I threw the bread towards them but they still wouldn’t come and get it. I spent the next 10 minutes trying to get them to eat it but they wouldn’t.

People the dogs don’t want anything from us anymore. They just want to be left alone. They are disillusioned, they expect nothing, their hope is dead. It is for us to bring it live  again. ~Rekha Soni

Cow Tales

Cows are scared to the Hindus. You’d think their life would be better because the religion decrees they ought to be revered.  But is it really? Most cows spend their lives being milked which is quite a painful process in itself, they are also given hormone shots all the time to increase yield, needless to say they are also not fed properly. But this is nothing  the real worship begins when a cow dries up.

An old cow who is now useless to the owner is either put out like the bulls, (their beef is exported used in hamburgers) or it is left on the streets to fend for itself. Now a new life on the street begins for the old cow who roams the streets and eats from the garbage cans. She eats plastic refuse because that’s all there is, one day she accidentally eats some glass,  because it was thrown out by some ignorant householder. The glass cuts her internal organs and she dies a painful death by the garbage can, alone and abandoned. The dogs yelp to announce her death.

She put that glass of milk on our table everyday, where were we when she was crying for help. Yo must have seen a cow with weepy beautiful eyes, it is not a rare sight. ~Sneha


There is a lot of hue and cry over how children have to carry heavy bags to school. An average child goes to school for 14 years and once he is older the bags also get lighter. Then he passes out and moves on to a life of glamor and achievement. Donkeys carry much heavier loads of bricks, stones, pots all their lives with broken legs and nobody makes a fuss over it. They are only voiceless animals born to serve the heartless bullies and then take a beating from them. – Sofia


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