There are so many people who complain they are bored with their lives. They say they fail to see any meaning in their mundane existence. Well if you are one of them, it is fate that has brought them to the volunteer page. You have stumbled upon a cause that will change your life and give it a beautiful meaning.

A cause as big and noble as this will suck the ennui out of your life and bring the enthusiasm and energy that only warriors and messiahs know.

In the words of Elvis Presley, “I believe the key to happiness is: someone to love, something to do, and something to look forward to.” Working for animals will give you all three, love, work and hope.

Also if you are the driven kind and not the bored kind, even then animal care will be a perfect outlet for all your vitality.

Come and volunteer for us, there is power in number. And power translates to more meaningful work and far reaching changes.

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