Life thrives in Bhopal. There are 1,795,648 of us as per the 2011 census. It is indeed quite a hospitable place for people. Can we make the same claim for animals inhabiting our mall infested city of lakes? Well, there is one injured, limping stray dog too many walking the streets of Bhopal to make that assertion.

Cows are relegated to the streets to starve, pigs are butchered, birds are rendered homeless, and three- legged donkeys die carrying bricks for our mansions. Animal life is very nearly only disgraced and humiliated in our town. These voiceless animals have no means to speak out against the cruelty and injustices they are subjected to.

Our organization, the Charitable Welfare Society for Humankind and Animals, decided to become their voice. We have been working towards the rescue and treatment of injured dogs, cows, pigs and other animals for the past six years.

In a bid to expand our activities we are planning to come up with shelters for abandoned, disabled and sick animals and sensitize the populace towards better treatment of animals for this to happen we need more dedicated hands and funds. The support of many well meaning people can create a bigger stir.

Respect, love, and admiration for animals are the legacy of people of Bhopal (Bhimbetka rock shelters have a number of paintings of animals such as dogs, bisons, tigers, lions).  It is our responsibility to do all we can to preserve it. So join our organization and become a part of high and noble cause. Let’s help make Bhopal a friendly place for all forms of life.